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Information about the Whizzinator

This is a device which in most cases it is made for men and looks like their sexual organs. It is used for passing a urine tests especially when the person submitting the sample has any undesired toxins in their urine. People can deliver clean urine which is tested and used for a medical checkup. Reason being sometimes people are forced to urinate when the medical practitioner is watching which sometimes it is an embarrassing moment for many people. Read more great facts on the Whizzinator Touch,  click here.

The real whizzinator xxx 1 touch comes with something that is similar to the male reproductive organ so that when it is in use, no one will notice that actually, it is something else. Waistbands are used to tie it to the waist of the person and keep it in the position that it needs to be. It comes with synthetic urine in powder form which you can mix and carry it anywhere you are required to produce the urine.  There is also a female version of the whizzinator called the First Aid Kit. Learn more about the Female Whizzinator, go here.

This usually happens with the people who know they don't want their urine tested because it might reveal something to the doctor that they don't want to or they just want to give the doctor the feel that they are okay and nothing is wrong with them. When you want to provide the piss, the whizzinator is the device which, in most cases, will give you the confidence to pass with flying colors. It looks real, and the doctor will be very comfortable that you gave them what they needed so even before you get the results from the doctor you are already sure of the results.

Every person who is using the whizzinator has some reasons for using it. It may be as a way of playing pranks on friends and people who maybe you party with or do things together. It is however, mainly used by people who are friends and would not be offended by this type of prank.
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