How to Use the Whizzinator

The real whizzinator xxx with its touch sensitive valve is a kit that has whose main function is storing synthetic urine. This device is manufactured for a singular purpose and it's safe for all applications. In its design, it imitates the male reproductive organ. It has the same look and feel. The flow system that is found in the real whizzinator xxx is very quiet and thus very effective. The use of this device is simple, and one can operate using just one hand. Medical practitioners have tested the whizzinator and have been found it very effective for use in real life situations. It has several parts that are used to make it functional. It has a strap that is used for holding the whizzinator while being worn. It has four organic heating packs that are key in the maintenance of the synthetic urine to normal body temperature. The temperature can  be maintained for a minimum of eight hours.  The vinyl pouch that is found at the base and stores the synthetic urine. It has a touch sensitive pressure valve that is used to release the urine once it's touched or pressed.

The latest model is called the real whizzinator xxx 1 touch. It differs from the original version in that, it must be touched to release the urine. The first model was started by use of a simple on/off valve or switch. It is attached to the base, and its function is to prevent the urine from spilling accidentally. It also has the the trigger also known as the touch sensitive valve, that is located inside the head. In the market, the whizzinator xxx 1 touch can be sold in various color options. The color options are white, Latino, black, tan and brown.

There is also a manual that is provided by the manufacturers to act as a guide for the use of the whizzinator especially if it's your first time to use. You should first close the safety switch. Fill the syringe with the synthetic urine. Then, inject the urine in the vinyl pouch through the tube that has been attached to it. Attach the heat pack to the vinyl pouch. You will, then, wait for an hour. Strap the whizzinator on your body and then open the safety switch before urination. Press the head when you feel like urinating and you're done.
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